Program Management

    Suggested Guidelines - When To
    Consider Professional Services . . .

    Specialized Skills:  Many lean firms are not staffed
    to handle the sudden intensity of occasional capital
    projects.  It’s especially important to recognize
    when available individuals are not professionally
    trained in project planning, design concepts,
    construction management, and facility standards.

    New Staff:  Hiring untested candidates off the
    street “to save money” is a big risk for a project
    that's set to launch, a false economy that could be
    costly and damaging to your firm’s goals. Similarly,
    hiring experienced senior level managers is a long
    term commitment ill suited to one time investments.

    Sooner Is Better:  Most significant benefits and
    problem avoidance occurs early in the planning /
    design phases, not during the construction/
    implementation phase.  A common mistake: not
    applying senior level resources soon enough.

    Fast Tracking:  When success means beating the
    competition to market, demand a fast design-
    construction-commissioning cycle, keeping in mind
    only seasoned professionals should lead this
    intense level of service.

    Jobs In-Process:  Perhaps you need an audit or
    2nd opinion as to how existing projects are really
    progressing:  Adequate scope and design
    documents?  Competitive bids?  Schedule problems?
    Questionable quality?  Adequate staff?

    Site Selection:  Are the proposed sites sufficient for
    current and projected factory footprints and storage
    needs?  Good transportation, infrastructure, and
    utilities?  What about soils reports, environmental
    assessments, and flood plain studies?

    Confidential Launch:  In some cases it’s important
    to begin preliminary investigations via outside
    services without informing the workforce.
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