Planning Services . . .

    Professional planning ensures a predictable path
    from initial concepts through final completion,
    transforming business plans into actionable tasks.

    Internal deliberations about how big, what capacity,
    which equipment, where relocations will go . . . .  
    All the key players must be involved in a highly
    coordinated, well focused effort.

    Concept studies present options in terms everyone
    understands, leading to informed decisions and
    acceptable solutions.

    Preliminary design drawings and specifications
    translate general ideas into usable technical
    information.  Ball park costs, schedules, benefits,
    appearances, and other criteria must be developed.

    Presentations to staff, board members, and
    government officials get the approvals needed.

Projects Served

United States, Mexico,
China, India, Europe

Manufacturing Closings

Equipment Relocations

Disaster Recovery

New Factories

Commercial Buildings

Office Buildings
Program Management
Construction Management
Project Management
PCS will work with your

design professionals or

ours to help facilitate

the all important

planning process.